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Building Distributed Applications with Go
Год выпуска: 01/2016
Производитель: Pluralsight
Сайт производителя: pluralsight.com/courses/go-build-distributed-applications
Автор: Mike Van Sickle
Продолжительность: 3:17
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоклипы
Язык: Английский
Описание: Go was born into a world where multiple processors are the norm and the ability of an application to scale across those processors is critical. Go meets this challenge by including language-level support for concurrency. However, the landscape continues to evolve and languages are now being challenged to connect multiple applications in a distributed ecosystem. This course takes you through the implementation of such a system using as much core Go as possible. While some libraries are used to access message queues, etc., the distributed nature of the resulting suite of applications will be composed of as much core Go as possible with little or no support from other third-party libraries.


Course Overview
1m 56s
Course Overview 1m 56s
22m 36s
Introduction 1m 39s
Target Audience 2m 10s
Suggested Prerequisites 1m 27s
The Demo Application 4m 41s
Module Outline 2m 47s
Tools and Libraries 1m 11s
The Development Environment 8m 40s
Introduction to RabbitMQ
38m 48s
Introduction 1m 28s
Message Brokers 2m 51s
Message Exchanges and Queues 4m 7s
Getting Started with RabbitMQ 1m 43s
Interacting with RabbitMQ from the Command Line 2m 59s
Working with RabbitMQ Plugins 3m 1s
The RabbitMQ Management Console 1m 29s
Publishing Messages to RabbitMQ from Go 15m 25s
Receiving Messages from RabbitMQ 4m 52s
Summary 0m 51s
Publishing Messages to a Message Queue
28m 12s
Introduction 1m 18s
Generating Sensor Data 2m 16s
Reading in Configuration Parameters from the Command Line 2m 41s
Generating Simulated Data 4m 35s
Publishing Sensor Data 1m 31s
Creating a Message 3m 47s
Interfacing with the Message Broker 4m 29s
Publishing a Message to the Broker 4m 15s
Publishing the Creation of a New Queue 2m 10s
Summary 1m 6s
Using Messages to Generate Events
32m 15s
Introduction 1m 27s
Using Fanout Exchanges for Service Discovery 1m 54s
Publishing Messages to a Fanout Exchange 2m 24s
Reading Messages from Queues 10m 48s
Communicating with Events 1m 53s
Creating an Event Aggregator 4m 52s
Queue Discovery (Revisited) 1m 0s
Discovering Existing Data Queues 6m 50s
Summary 1m 4s
Persisting Data from Distributed Sources
34m 22s
Introduction 2m 23s
Using Temporary Queues 4m 8s
Generalizing Events Data 2m 44s
Consuming Events to Persist Data 9m 18s
Overview of the Database 2m 38s
Connecting to PostgreSQL from Go 2m 9s
Persisting Message Data 3m 11s
Translating Messages from a Message Broker to the Database 6m 21s
Summary 1m 27s
Updating Web Clients from Distributed Sources
38m 55s
Introduction 10m 22s
Converting Events into Messages 6m 54s
Accessing a Database from a Web Application 3m 34s
Converting Messages Between a Message Broker and a Web Client 11m 21s
Using WebSockets to Receive Real-time Messages 6m 43s
Формат видео: MP4
Видео: AVC, 1280x720, 16:9, 15fps, 189kbps
Аудио: AAC, 44.1kHz, 96kbps, stereo


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