Brian Reed - [КОМИКС] G.I. Joe - Movie Adaptation; Movie Prequel; Operation Hiss; Snake Eyes (2009-2011,CBR,ENG)

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G.I. Joe-Классика боевого комикса- -Год: 2009-2011
Автор: Brian Reed
Жанр: боевик, фантастика
Издательство: IDW Publishing
Выпуски: 19 штук
Язык: ENG
Формат: CBR
Качество: digital comix
Количество страниц: ~36 на выпуск


G.I. Joe Movie Prequel

You're going to see the BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE! Now find out the real stories of DUKE, DESTRO, THE BARONESS, and SNAKE EYES as each one of them takes center stage just prior to the film's pulse-pounding opening! Learn how DUKE and RIPCORD became friends in one of their earlier missions!
See DESTRO in action across the globe, outwitting terrorists who try to rip him off! Witness THE BARONESS seduce, manipulate and eviscerate her prey! And last but not least--marvel at the mysteries of SNAKE EYES revealed!

G.I. Joe Movie Adaptation

The smash-hit movie begins here in part one of this special weekly series! You want to know what the characters look like? How they translate to the big screen? What Cobra's evil plans are?

G.I. Joe Movie Snake Eyes

Set before the events of the blockbuster movie, G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes offers an action-packed and in-depth look at the most dangerous Joe of all. Co-written by 'Snake Eyes' himself, Ray Park!

G.I. Joe Operation Hiss

G.I. JOE thinks they've won the day, and stopped the rise of Cobra... But their battle is just beginning! Scarlett and Snake Eyes are dispatched to investigate a disturbance at a Chinese weapons facility- and come face to face with the first stages of Cobra's latest and most deadly plan.

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