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Producer Loops - Deep House Progressions Vol. 4
Производитель: Producer Loops
Формат: Wav, Rex, Midi
Качество: 24 bit Частота 44.1 kHz Каналы stereo
Описание: Koллекция семплов для производства музыки в стиле Deep House.......


Deep House Progressions Vol. 4 includes another exceptional set of five multi-format Construction Kits for deep house producers which are sure to take your house productions to deeper, unchartered depths. This pack comes in a choice of formats. MIDI files have also been included to provide enhanced versatilty.
Producer Oriol Benedet brings a wealth of experience to this diverse set of Construction Kits. You'll find smooth basslines, sparse percussion, stabs and sweeping FX inspired by some of the deepest, grooviest club shakers.
Each Construction Kit is presented in tempos from 123-126 BPM. All files in the ACID WAV and Apple Loops' versions are key and tempo tagged, meaning they will automatically slot into your project with ease.
'Deep House Progressions Vol 4' will give your tracks the edge they need to keep playing well into the night. Check out the audio demo to hear it in action.
Multi Format:
'Deep House Progressions Vol 4' caters for the increasingly diverse range of producers' DAW setups, and comes complete with ACID WAV, REX2, Apple Loops, Reason ReFill and MIDI. All files are key and tempo tagged, both in their filename and metadata, enabling seamless and hassle-free integration into your tracks.
About the Construction Kits:
All of the elements of each Construction Kit have been broken-out into separate files. Each part has been isolated so you can choose which parts you want to use in your own track. All parts are "looped" perfectly, so you can simply drag and drop the desired parts into your music sequencer.
Educational Use:
A number of variations on the main mix have been isolated and included in this pack to illustrate the various ways in which the elements can be combined. All in all, there are 32 minutes of mixes and all mixes have been broken into stems for DJ and Ableton producers.
About MIDI:
As with many Producer Loops Construction Kit based libraries, 'Deep House Progressions Vol 3' includes 20 raw MIDI loops (across all 5 kits) in addition to the pre-rendered audio loops. MIDI has the advantage of allowing you to use the musical/rhythmical content in the pack at any pitch or tempo, with your favourite software or hardware instrument and all without any audio artefacts or glitching.
About the Producer:
This pack was created by producer and live artist Oriol Benedet. His current projects, 'Soul of Life' and 'Funkadub' see him working with talented musicians like Hubert Tubbs, Oscar Aguilera, Supernova, Audio junkies and Iban Dasca, to name a few. His club mixes and remixes for labels like Darkroom Dubs, Lapsus Music and Travelling Soul Recordings among others, have earned him support and recognition by artists including Silicone Soul and Laurent Garnier.
Detailed Contents:
• 5 Construction Kits
• Full mixes of each kit = 32 minutes of music
• ACID WAV, Apple Loops, MIDI, REX or ReFill
• 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in commercial productions
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